bank robber

The 70-year-old sat in the bank lobby just waiting for the police.
(Story continues below photo) Do you recognize this thief's legs? The FBI wants the public's help finding an elderly man
View more videos at: Yesterday, the hoodie-wearing man allegedly demanded cash at the Bank of America
There's good news, however. On the whole, bank crime has declined in recent years, falling by 10 percent between 2010 and
A Pennsylvania bank's front door is being hailed a hero after it stopped a robber from leaving Thursday morning. Meanwhile
In case you were wondering, ingesting lightbulbs won't make you any brighter. At least that's what we learned after R.J. Williams
"[Gladston] came in and handed a note that said something to the effect of 'Give me the money or we start shooting,'" Chamblee
Back in 2012, Madsen actually had to enter the bank covertly to help smuggle bank robber Cal Sweeney out. He then took her
A Virginia bank has become a bit of a hole in the wall after ATM thieves blasted their way in from an adjacent storefront