bank robbery

Bank employees pieced together the note, which read, "Give me the money."
As you sit in the theater you feel the dust from the prairies, smell the stench of the cattle and expect tumbleweed to roll down the aisles.
One day, an unidentifiable and highly destructive species called the Troubles invaded the human world and wrecked havoc on society. Now, the only ones who are able to fight them are Traces, people with unexplainable supernatural powers that the government monitors and tries to control. As secrets continue to be uncovered, a battle erupts on all sides and fate of the world hangs in the balance.
The news station was reporting on the first bank robbery at the time.
Never return to the scene of the crime.
“It’s a little surprising,” a man at a nearby store told CBS New York. “I thought it was a joke at first until I overheard
Police say Mark Katchem, 25, walked into a Wells Fargo in Cobb County and slipped a teller a note demanding money, the Atlanta
ATMs randomly coughing up cash -- and a lot of it. Like an international lottery, the phenomenon has occurred in more than 30 countries, leading to potentially as much as $1 billion in stolen funds.
Santa’s getting ready to deliver presents to children around the globe, however, there is one toy parents may be hoping he leaves in his sleigh.
Authorities believe that the suspect has a police or military background, according to CBS News. The mysterious suspect, who
A Michigan man robbed a bank while his girlfriend was working inside so that he could afford to buy her an engagement ring. But this wasn’t any Bonnie and Clyde style heist. No, the girlfriend wasn’t in on his plan… and she turned him in.
Guards approach the man and easily wrench the cleaver from his hand before arresting him. He wasn't identified. No injuries