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As Donald J. Trump' bizzaro world fantasy becomes our frightening reality, the President-elect has gone out of his way to remind us that the rules of administrations past no longer apply.
The drug war brought violence to Latin America, but let me tell you it's also brought opportunity and created a way to escape a system of deeply-ingrained poverty for hundreds of thousands of people.
These taboos and fears also make us blind to the threat of out-of-control private debt and credit wasted on real estate and speculation rather than growth that lifts everyone. For Turner, thinking radically is the most practical way forward.
Adair Turner discusses his new book, Between Debt and the Devil: Money, Credit, and Fixing Global Finance and the critical questions -- and radical solutions -- that can help lift the economy for everyone.
Denver's City Council Wants Feds To Open Banking System To Pot
When Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke appeared on 60 Minutes to persuade us to bail out the banking system, he didn't bother with charts, figures or lengthy argument. Instead, he used something far more powerful: Analogy and metaphor.
No matter what anyone tells you, it stands to reason that this European crisis is significant and will be around for quite a while longer. What will markets do?
Bank stocks plunged in value last year to a large extent because of investors' uncertainty about exposure to Europe. Financial
The backlash after the next financial calamity will make the Dodd-Frank Act look so mild that many will wonder if it was written by bankers themselves. Handcuffs and prison sentences will not likely be in short supply next time.
We've slipped well beyond a year and the financial system is still flirting with danger. Durable financial stability has, so far, proven elusive.
The risk free nature of government bonds, one of the cornerstones of the global financial system, has come into question as the global crisis unfolds.
Financing has become a robotic form of mass production, designed to generate ever-increasing wealth within an artificial system by draining it from the real world. In a word, banks have lost their souls.
For emerging market policymakers, the main challenge will be to tackle the macroeconomic and financial challenges of sizable, and potentially volatile, capital inflows
How many Americans understand how broken and defective the banking system as a whole has become? For the crazy facts are these: bankers now borrow from their customers and from taxpayers.
Johnson is a sophisticated and often articulate pundit on economic matters -- but like his political confederate Paul Krugman
I mean, seriously, when was the last time you turned on your Tv and heard that Sheik Mohammed Somebody was arrested because the government was troubled by his unusual banking practices?
The financial "stress tests" on the big banks gave us good news: they "only" need $75 billion of new capital. That's a lot of money, but much less than many of us feared.
The stress tests are done. The results are better than feared. Bank stocks are up. A few large lenders, such as Capital One
Of course, some financial stunts were so convoluted that many of the nation's most revered financial brands-- including AIG
The key is to keep the progressive pressure on high. In an interview with GritTV's Laura Flanders, Barbara Ehrenreich emphasizes