Banksy vs. Bristol Museum was the elusive street artist's boldest stunt to date -- and it paid off in a big way.
Jody Thomas painted the 15-meter-high tribute to the campaigning Swedish schoolgirl in Bristol, England.
The street artist crashed the famous event in Italy with an unauthorized installation.
"It’s an unwritten key ethos of the society, giving back and helping."
The anonymous street artist’s “Devolved Parliament” canvas has returned to the Bristol Museum & Art Gallery.
It is fully remote-controlled and has a top speed of 3 knots.
The street artist's prank at Sotheby's lit a trick candle in a musty room. But in rebelling against the monied art establishment, he still profits.
No one knows exactly why (or how) Banksy pulled of his latest stunt: shredding a painting just after it was auctioned off for $1.4 million.
"What’s the opposite of LOL?” the British street artist posted to Instagram.
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are about to be transformed.
Can you identify the elusive street artist's murals after they've been blurred?
The anonymous street artist highlights Turkey's imprisonment of Zehra Dogan with his new 70-foot-long piece.
His latest piece appears to be a poignant critique on the rat race.
"Being a selfish little bastard, as a junkie, the whole world revolved around me. Now it’s repentance time."
The US Mexico border wall is getting a facelift thanks to the biggest street artist since Banksy
A friend of the artist's accidentally slipped what could be Banksy's real name.