Four people charged with the felling of the Edward Colston monument in the street artist's home city of Bristol, England, are due to go on trial next week.
The famed anonymous street artist snuck onto the set of "The Outlaws" to paint one of his trademark rats.
A 10-minute bidding war broke out over “Love is in the Bin,” which sensationally self-shredded during its first auction sale in 2018.
The piece which sensationally self-shredded in 2018 after selling for $1.4 million is up for sale again at several times its previous price.
The anonymous street artist confirmed he was behind clever new works in eastern England, but not everyone featured in his video appeared to be happy.
The anonymous street artist's "Game Changer" piece set a world record auction price for one of his works.
Bob Ross appears to comment on the anonymous street artist's prison break mural in Reading, England, in the spoof footage.
"Aachoo!!” the British street artist captioned an Instagram photo of his latest piece.
Installations have now reportedly appeared in Utah, Las Vegas, California, Romania, the Netherlands and England.
“Show Me The Monet" sold to an unidentified bidder at Sotheby’s in London.