banksy art

“If you don’t like it feel free to add stuff, I’m sure the teachers won’t mind."
Reports from September show French police using tear gas on refugees in Calais.
The last thing we need is a boo-hoo-everything-sucks-camp.
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Banksy's project gets at so many important issues. Tonight, let's talk about them. All of this mystery created a bit of a
The image is accompanied by the ominous text, "October 2013," which -- we can only assume -- means Banksy is up to some mischief
The planned Miami auction, initiated by the the owners of the Wood Green Poundland wall, Robert Alan Davis and Leslie Steven
Influenced by such thought-provoking graffiti, Chelsea King of Get Nailed gave her recent manicure the Banksy touch. She
From the introduction to "Banksy: You Are An Acceptable Level Of Threat" published by Carpet Bombing Culture, distributed
The third piece, on a prominent Sunset Boulevard billboard, depicted a strung-out Mickey and Minnie Mouse partying with the