banksy street art

Featuring three trench coat–clad spies listening in on the phone booth in front of the mural, the piece, which appeared this
Banksy has been vocal for years about his support for the Palestinian cause. In 2005, he created artwork on the Israeli West
Be kind. Help a stranger in need. The world needs kindness, plus you never know when that stranger might just be the elusive
"Banksy Does New York" comes out Nov. 17 on HBO. Moukarbel and company, however, chose to go a different route in making
UPDATE: After spending only 24 hours in its original, untarnished existence, Banksy's newest mural has been vandalized. Someone
UPDATE: The image of "Mobile Lovers" was found to be in Bristol, UK, but it has already been removed. Not long after the
This vibrant neighborhood, which is linked with Kreuzberg, offers some of Berlin's most famous works of street art. It's home to the East Side Gallery, and famous works by street artists Blu and Revaler Strasse 99.
555's decision to first remove and then sell the Banksy mural raises questions about the value of bringing street art and
Incognito street artist Banksy is rumored to be making his next “appearance” in Russia’s capital. Word of the visit spread
His work is cool and interesting to a certain extent but simply does not provoke you to look at it for a very long time. Good art should draw you in for more than just a second. Banksy's work does not.