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Banksy has been vocal for years about his support for the Palestinian cause. In 2005, he created artwork on the Israeli West
Gallery assistants adjust 'Love is in the Air' by Banksy ahead of its sale at Bonhams auction house in London on June 24
While the world at large was out chasing some poor man named Paul Horner, the real Banksy was hard at work preparing his
Not long after the Cheltenham artwork started attracting attention, Banksy posted the second piece -- a portrait of two cell
This vibrant neighborhood, which is linked with Kreuzberg, offers some of Berlin's most famous works of street art. It's home to the East Side Gallery, and famous works by street artists Blu and Revaler Strasse 99.
"Graffiti isn't meant to last forever," Banksy said in a 2010 interview with the Age. "I'd prefer someone draw a moustache
“I think it will be one of the largest cultural events in Russia and I’m sure that plenty of people not only from Moscow
His work is cool and interesting to a certain extent but simply does not provoke you to look at it for a very long time. Good art should draw you in for more than just a second. Banksy's work does not.
"The focus is less on the appreciation of a particular art object, and more on the process of involving a community in a transformative experience."
The New York gallery will exhibit recreations of fashion photographer Marco Glaviano's best-known black and white images of Crawford, which are large-scale versions printed on canvas and sprinkled with diamond dust.
The other bidders, however, remain less than pleased. "I think they used my fax to bid [another] person higher. I felt very
If 20x200 returns, I wonder if the changing art landscape will impact the business, and if it, like others, will look to original artwork to continue the job already begun -- supporting the artists in the maker movement of today.
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For more on Banksy's artworks in New York City, check out our coverage of his "Better Out Than In" residency here. "This
See our favorite Franksy' moments below and follow the original Banksy here. The aww-inducing meme began with a pup named
"... anybody could have worked for Soze. You never knew. That was his power. The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was
The anonymous graffitist notified the world wide web in a short message posted to his Instagram account, giving hungry journalists
New Yorkers have been repeatedly kicking themselves ever since hearing that Banksy quietly sold his famous artworks in Central Park earlier this month for a measly $60 apiece.
The results? They sold out. The street artist encountered only three buyers in the time his pop-up shop was in business -- a