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As Rihanna just arrived at Sephora in Paris to promote the perfume, Parlux Fragrances has said that this was the only complaint
Another sexy ad has gotten the axe. A commercial for Innerware, an Australian lingerie chain, has been banned by Australia's Advertising Standards Board after complaints that it was "degrading and demeaning to women" and included "a level of sexuality and nudity which is not appropriate."
After reviewing complaints, the Advertising Standards Board ruled that while the commercial was not exploitative or degrading
Sex might sell cars, but a YouTube ad for the Renault Clio may have taken things a little too far. What do you think of this
American Apparel and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) have a rather thorny relationship, one based on pushing boundaries
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Gone are the days when you could show zombie attacks and brain surgery in commercials without a fuss. People are so sensitive
See more ads that got the boot: Then we hit "play" on the video and saw the porniness kick in. Our dear sweet Candice goes
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Of course, if we're going to start banning all Kate Upton commercials that are sexy, we might have our hands full; we'll
The lingerie wasn't appreciated by everyone, though. ASA decided to shut down the ads, which ran in several newspapers, after
The NAD specifically noted that the Swift ad had a disclaimer printed on the bottom that clearly stated, "lashes enhanced
[Unilever] said the products are designed for men aged 17-27 and 'had been had been popular over the years for its playful
Just add it to the list. On the heels of banning Dakota Fanning's sultry ad for Marc Jacobs' "Oh, Lola!" perfume, UK's Advertising
ASA agreed, and ordered Unilver SA, which sells Axe deodorants, to withdraw the advertisement. As such, the problem is not