banned ads

First Instagram forces Rihanna to shut down her account, and now this. As Rihanna just arrived at Sephora in Paris to promote
Another sexy ad has gotten the axe. A commercial for Innerware, an Australian lingerie chain, has been banned by Australia's Advertising Standards Board after complaints that it was "degrading and demeaning to women" and included "a level of sexuality and nudity which is not appropriate."
"The ad was discriminatory towards women and in very poor taste. It was highly inappropriate and had nothing to do with lingerie
What do you think of this ruling? Should the scenes with male dancers have been removed as well? Comment below, or join the
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Moreover, the ASA stated outright that it seeks to promote equality and anti-discrimination laws, including those concerning
Gone are the days when you could show zombie attacks and brain surgery in commercials without a fuss. People are so sensitive