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The 94-year-old former president returned to Maranatha Baptist Church on Sunday in his hometown of Plains, Georgia.
The next stop on HuffPost’s “Listen To America” bus tour was Birmingham, Alabama, where we met Lisa McNair, the sister of Denise McNair. Denise was the youngest victim of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing by the KKK in 1963.
On homophobia, the CBF reflects the Southern Baptist Convention far more than it reflects Jesus.
Bill Goodman showed that he is not only a hall of fame journalist; he is a hall of fame author and every true Kentuckian should own a copy of his book.
If you're headed out the door this morning in a suit or a chic outfit, and if you're under the age of 92, I can say with absolute certainly, that it is not Sunday and that you're not going to church.
I will never forget the day I was baptized. Ever the aquaphobe, I remember my eight-year-old self praying, "Jesus, if I don't die while I'm under the water, I'll serve you forever."
Russell Moore, a leader in the conservative Southern Baptist Convention, visited a Customs and Border Protection detention
The first question he posed was, "Am I Recrucifying Christ?" to which the response was: Piper continued to emphasize the
Weeks before the denomination’s annual meeting, a task force charged with helping Southern Baptists “own the problem” released
On the date scheduled, the congregation took a vote and elected to keep Cortez in his post and change its official stance