Baptist Pastor Stewart Allen-Clark is now on leave and receiving "professional counseling."
No injuries were reported following the blast at First Works Baptist Church in El Monte, according to the FBI.
Holden Matthews, who burned the churches down over a 10-day period in March and April of 2019, must also pay the congregations $2.6 million.
Masks were not required during the multi-day event at Warrior Creek Missionary Baptist Church, according to Pastor Daryl Ross.
Pastors are trying to figure out ways to spread the word of God without spreading the coronavirus.
The series planned for a Michigan Baptist church by Donald McKay promoted conspiracy theories about Muslims.
Yanna Awtrey no longer has a permanent home after Welch College booted him from its dorms.
The Rev. Bartholomew Orr's feat at Brown Missionary Baptist Church was supposed to show the unexpected nature of Christ's prophesied second coming.
Members of Georgia's Raleigh White Baptist Church were reportedly not happy about a black congregation using its facilities.
It's not clear who the other party in the relationship was.