The series planned for a Michigan Baptist church by Donald McKay promoted conspiracy theories about Muslims.
Yanna Awtrey no longer has a permanent home after Welch College booted him from its dorms.
The Rev. Bartholomew Orr's feat at Brown Missionary Baptist Church was supposed to show the unexpected nature of Christ's prophesied second coming.
Members of Georgia's Raleigh White Baptist Church were reportedly not happy about a black congregation using its facilities.
The Trump administration is behaving in ways that will imperil American children for years to come.
  On his Senate campaign website, Roy Moore says, “Religious liberty is the civil rights issue of our time.” But when Roy
Lawrence Ware has had enough of white evangelicals' love for Trump.
Calvary Baptist Church stands less than 1 mile from The White House.
The temptations to skip church on Sunday morning are many, from sleeping in to getting an early start on mowing the lawn
The Murrow Indian Children’s Home said accepting the money would violate its Christian principles.
Sources: In his 1612 treatise, "A Short Declaration of the Mistery of Iniquity," Thomas Helwys, one of the pioneers of Baptist
America will soon face a similar number of temptations to renege on all kinds of international agreements that it signed in good faith with other nations. Supporters will promise all kinds of benefits they can't deliver. Learn from the British and the Baptists.
As a Baptist who believes passionately in congregational ordination, this breaks my heart. There is nothing more sacred than
Just yesterday the AP reported that the State of Texas is going to allow Baylor to continue its campaign of secrecy surrounding