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Friday, August 30, 2013, the day the feckless Barack Obama brought to a premature end America’s reign as the world’s sole
Boots are "on the ground" in Syria, and Gitmo is still open.
Seeing Russia's perspective is critical to resolving the problem. In the early 19th century, American concerns over European encroachment into the Western hemisphere resulted in the development of the Monroe Doctrine.
The emphasis on diplomacy was nothing new for the Obama administration, but the president's multiple references to U.S. reliance
Though it is clear that Turkey has tacked to a strong wind, Turkey is painfully aware that the American-led effort to arm Kurds against ISIS will accelerate a redefinition of a hundred-year old regional order defined in the detritus of World War One.
The first U.S. foreign policy problem is obvious: it's not working. We've been unable to bring democratic stability to the Middle East. The second problem is that Washington politicians are unwilling to explain why our foreign policy isn't working.
His blend of tactics has subjected him to withering criticism from Republicans in Congress, but his tactical caution, so far, has left the US hovering just out of range of a series of potentially dangerous confrontations.
Mr. President, for too long your approach to foreign policy has been reactive, not proactive. It feels like we're always playing catch-up. Now is the time to tell us what it is you want us to do. What are our goals? What is most important to us? And how are we going to get there?
The Internet and international floods of capital were empowering these non-state players, Haass wrote in 2008. No nation
Looking at the chaos in Iraq, Americans are still more likely to point the finger at George W. Bush, according to a Quinnipiac
Other surveys this month also reflect growing negativity: A Washington Post/ABC survey found Obama's foreign policy rating
President Barack Obama addressed the graduating class at West Point and spoke to America's postwar foreign policy.
The pile-on by Republicans and the media on his foreign policy challenges is excessive. I mean, what would you have him do that is more sensible than what he's doing? Let's take the big issues one at a time. Russia: There is simply no good course of action against Vladimir Putin's grab of Eastern Ukraine. This is a majority-Russian region, and Putin has been both ruthless and deft at using thuggish locals as cats' paws for an eventual takeover. Obama is pursuing economic sanctions and threatening more sanctions, despite being undercut by our European allies. The U.S. is pursuing Containment II to try to isolate Russia that is not all that dependent on global trade, and the original Containment took more than four decades. Maybe there will yet be some kind of de facto compromise, in which Eastern Ukraine becomes a Russian protectorate and Western Ukraine is able to become part of Europe.
The conflict between Russia and Ukraine over Crimea is nothing if not complex, so perhaps it's no surprise that U.S. public opinion is complicated as well.
Recent polling (all conducted before Putin unexpectedly reached out to Obama last Friday to discuss possible diplomatic solutions
Much as his rhetoric and his will power in domestic policy is being recognized, he is generally been seen as lacking the talent to positively distinguish and assert himself in foreign policy.
WASHINGTON -- Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) laid into President Barack Obama's grasp of foreign policy Wednesday