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It will not be the experience of a candidate; it will be the emotion of the voter that decides this election. Republicans learned this far more quickly than Democrats.
He also took aim at some GOP presidential hopefuls, albeit indirectly.
A request for comment was not immediately returned by the Obama campaign's Iowa office. Last week, Madonna created a stir
"I think that's eventually going to matter," Messina said, referring to the chart. "We're just going to have the availability
Those who wondered Tuesday why President Barack Obama did not have time to meet with foreign leaders at the United Nations
President Barack Obama visited the Iowa State Fair on Monday, where he notably had beer and pork chops. He also let 9-month
According to the pool report: Before the end of the evening, beer in hand, Obama would also procure "two fat, juicy-looking
President Barack Obama traveled to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, on Tuesday, where he held a campaign event. Greeting him on the ropeline
“The letter very carefully does not say 'denied,’” Glass told Education Week. "It says 'cannot be approved at this time.'" Thirty
Despite sustained criticisms from the oil industry and his presumptive general election opponent on energy issues, President