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“I was talking about what was achievable and what was not achievable,” Netanyahu continued, referring to his pre-election
Obama's comments came after Netanyahu said in the days before the Israeli elections that there would not be a two-state solution
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is feeling "quite good" about his relationship with President Barack Obama, he
President Barack Obama addressed the situation in Israel in a press conference Wednesday saying, "I have no sympathy for Hamas. I have great sympathy for ordinary people who are suffering within Gaza."
Barack Obama came to Israel and Palestine, saw what he wanted to see, and conquered the mainstream media with his eloquent words. U.S. and Israeli journalists called it a dream trip: a charismatic world leader taking charge of the Mideast peace process.
While the President of the United States cannot snap his fingers and bring about the two-state solution that is key to Israel's security and its future, President Obama reminded the young people of Israel that change is possible.
For three days this week Israel is a state under siege. Jerusalem is almost paralyzed due to President Obama's visit, Tel-Aviv is still moving , but nearly choking with excitement, as the second best soccer player in the world, Christiano Ronaldo, arrived with the Portuguese national team to play lowly Israel.
Obama met with Israeli president Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday, after a lavish ceremony
Israel is often dubbed the "Start-up Nation" due to our technological prowess, but looking back at the status of the Israeli-Palestinian track over the past twenty years, as far as our diplomatic achievements are concerned, we are not a "Start-up Nation," we are a "Stagnant Nation."
The Jewish Press reports that a replacement limo was flown in by helicopter from Jordan, where it had been stationed for