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At a veteran-led rally that hit the World War II Memorial, the National Mall and the White House on Sunday, one tea party rallier had choice words for President Barack Obama, blaming him for the government shutdown and calling on him to step down.
Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, a conservative political advocacy group, said the country is "ruled by a president who bows
"Vote for the Mormon, not the Muslim! The capitalist, not the communist!" reads the sign outside of a non-denominational
The Des Moines Register reports: President Barack Obama's campaign building in Des Moines, Iowa, was vandalized with the
That statement resulted in ESPN yanking Williams Jr.'s opening song from "Monday Night Football," where the country star's
Congress MLA Kewal Dhillon said in a statement that the US President's proposed visit was historic as it would give recognition
Obama's faith is a personal choice and a personal decision, and he has made it very clear what his choice and decision is. His view might not exactly mirror my view or your views, but he is a Christian.
Obama may be a functional Christian, but as a man born into and raised by a family of non-religious rationalists with a healthy skepticism about religious faith, he is unlikely to govern as one.
They see only what they want to see. (RNS) Six years ago, I sat down with a young Illinois state senator for a lengthy interview
Rather than faulting the public for the weaknesses of human psychology, we should identify the media elites who deceive citizens with false information and hold them accountable for their role in fostering absurd myths.
Americans taking out their discrimination toward minority religions on the president of the United States is as American as apple pie; the custom has been going on as long as there has been a presidency.
To give this some much-needed context and a bit of levity, here are some more things that a quick Google search reveals about 1 in 5 Americans.
Though President Obama has explained in his memoirs that his father was indeed born a Muslim, according to a Time Magazine
Washington, D.C. -- A new national survey by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press and the Pew Forum on Religion
As a follower of Christ, Obama should set the record straight about the injustice that has been done to true Islam in this country.
My dad hates having political signs in his yard. But, this year he's so fed up with the way things have been going that he agreed put an Obama sign in his yard. Find my latest stories here and visit my YouTube page I noted earlier the
The issue the McCain campaign feels is giving them the most traction is an ugly one, and not worthy of someone who wants to lead the most powerful nation on earth.