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“There’s a lot of public, media stuff that says he’s not."
I wonder: how do you handle the daily and endless influx of global and local crises, with apparently limited time for spiritual reflection and personal peace?
Could this be the grand finale? The glorious death knell for the ugliest portions of organized religion and its relentless, impressive beat-down of the stubborn female species for lo these past 2,013 years? Can we at least hope?
"Governor Romney has stood up for the Catholic Church and religious freedom time and time again," the call concludes. One
Christians who are thinking about voting for Obama should remember what he said about people of faith: "They ... cling to
In a stark reversal of what he's previously said about how his faith informs his views on same-sex marriage, President Barack
By Kevin Eckstrom Religion News Service WASHINGTON (RNS) President Obama faces significant challenges on how Americans perceive
Obama may be a functional Christian, but as a man born into and raised by a family of non-religious rationalists with a healthy skepticism about religious faith, he is unlikely to govern as one.
Jesus referred to his followers as disciples. Only decades later in Antioch was the term "Christian" used of Jesus followers
(RNS) Six years ago, I sat down with a young Illinois state senator for a lengthy interview about his faith. At the time