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Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad are following a formula in which the common denominator is to embarrass the United States, Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) said Sunday.
"Basically since Yalta we've had an assumption that borders are basically going to be borders, and once that comes into question
The conflict between Russia and Ukraine over Crimea is nothing if not complex, so perhaps it's no surprise that U.S. public opinion is complicated as well.
These contradictions also play out in ratings of Obama's response to the conflict. While most Americans support the sanctions
This isn't the first time Republicans have used Obama's 1983 college article to cast judgment on his handling of foreign
"If Russia doesn't have gay or lesbian athletes, then it will probably make their team weaker," he said. WASHINGTON -- President
Putin is a victim of his own economic success. Prosperity and stability in the past decade helped create the new urban middle class, which now wants political change to match its economic achievements.
Romney's comments came in the context of President Barack Obama's "hot mic" moment with Russian President Dimitri Medvedev
This is the first serious encounter of two young presidents who both represent a new generation of politicians. But repairing this relationship will take time, and there are deep, historical obstacles to success.
Obama addressed reporters Monday afternoon on the conflict in Georgia. CNN has the video: For many months, I have warned