barak obama

I am not voting for a perfect candidate; I am voting for every woman who was ever humiliated, every girl who was ever knocked down, emotionally or physically abused. I'm voting for human beings who, despite trying to do their best, are flawed. I'm voting for democracy. I am voting for America.
While campaigning for Hillary Clinton in North Carolina, President Barack Obama pointed out the hypocrisy of Republicans not wanting to vote on a new SCOTUS judge.
As we drove there, the revolutionaries discussed their fear of disclosing their identities lest they be arrested. But I had been assured by the prime minister that they would be safe. I trusted him to keep to his word, and my confidence had grown since the snipers had stopped shooting the previous night.
Rouhani made it clear that despite all of the steps we've taken, including acknowledging them positively at the Assembly of Nations in NY, nothing we've done has thawed our relationship or helped to improve the security of people living in the areas ruled by Iran or its terror proxies.
Every relationship is bounded in the pages of stories. The chapter when John was late for date night, embarrassing you as you sat alone in a romantic restaurant by yourself. Or the countless nights your wife puts on her "no sex" sweatpants to tell you she's off limits.
A straight white man "fighting for the rights of women" will never, ever mean as much as a woman earning the opportunity to fight for the rights of women, the opportunity to lead both men and women, and the opportunity to run the country.
The U.S. and other nations pour billions of dollars in aid into countries like Pakistan and Egypt. Why not leverage that financial support to nudge the creation of transparent, efficient, honest and fair governance? The world is changing, and so should its political systems.
On March 15, as an advocate, I was more in awe of her than ever -- in how her vision to help our youth live healthier lives has changed the lives of millions and will continue to do so for years to come.