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This is exactly the approach Republican party replicated after President Obama took office in 2008; a grassroots movement
I am not voting for a perfect candidate; I am voting for every woman who was ever humiliated, every girl who was ever knocked down, emotionally or physically abused. I'm voting for human beings who, despite trying to do their best, are flawed. I'm voting for democracy. I am voting for America.
While campaigning for Hillary Clinton in North Carolina, President Barack Obama pointed out the hypocrisy of Republicans not wanting to vote on a new SCOTUS judge.
As we drove there, the revolutionaries discussed their fear of disclosing their identities lest they be arrested. But I had been assured by the prime minister that they would be safe. I trusted him to keep to his word, and my confidence had grown since the snipers had stopped shooting the previous night.
Rouhani made it clear that despite all of the steps we've taken, including acknowledging them positively at the Assembly of Nations in NY, nothing we've done has thawed our relationship or helped to improve the security of people living in the areas ruled by Iran or its terror proxies.
The Only Americans Overlooked by This Rule Are... It speaks mountains about our nation's unfortunate priorities that teachers
Every relationship is bounded in the pages of stories. The chapter when John was late for date night, embarrassing you as you sat alone in a romantic restaurant by yourself. Or the countless nights your wife puts on her "no sex" sweatpants to tell you she's off limits.
A straight white man "fighting for the rights of women" will never, ever mean as much as a woman earning the opportunity to fight for the rights of women, the opportunity to lead both men and women, and the opportunity to run the country.
The U.S. and other nations pour billions of dollars in aid into countries like Pakistan and Egypt. Why not leverage that financial support to nudge the creation of transparent, efficient, honest and fair governance? The world is changing, and so should its political systems.
On March 15, as an advocate, I was more in awe of her than ever -- in how her vision to help our youth live healthier lives has changed the lives of millions and will continue to do so for years to come.
Over 50 faith leaders from across the country, representing various denominations, added their signatures to a statement entitled "Called to Resist Bigotry - A Statement of Faithful Obedience."
Despite some claims that Barack Obama will be seen as a failed president in the future, the current primary election campaigns make it clear that he is likely to be viewed historically as a highly successful president.
So this is my message to those of you who don't vote, or who only vote in presidential elections. Not voting isn't a rebellion, it is surrender. We have to play the game and if you don't show up at all, we'll never win.
The media frenzy surrounding Donald Trump has inverted the nature of our problem. That a demagogue will come along to foment dissent is no surprise; that his despicable views find such gleeful resonance with so many of our voters is the frightening story, not Trump.
I have been blessed in my life to have had good friends of different races, religions, and nationalities. However, if I truly
It occurred to me how powerful words are and how much power, you and I have, to shift behavior by "choosing our words."
Feeling the pull of Thanksgiving's meaning, I got up early Thursday and headed not for the kitchen, but to an eclectic gathering of locals in our small British Columbia town. We are intent on welcoming Syrian refugee families into our community.
This catastrophic funding crisis risks condemning generations of refugees to live in camps indefinitely. If the GCC could match aid for Syrians to the economic assistance it donates to friendly governments, the impact could be huge.
Jitu Brown and the Chicago activists have taken the fight to a new level. They insist that Chicago Public Schools engage with the communities they are there to serve. If CPS undertakes any further uncollaborative action, it risks not only a symbolic, but an actual, devastating response.
The reality is that Republicans really have no other choice than to stoop to character assassination, because if they are forced to run on actual ideas in 2016, they would not only lose the White House but Capitol Hill as well.