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Many astute analysts have just been waiting for the Christie shoe to drop. For the myth to be shattered. For the skeletons to come crashing out of the closet.
Photos of Trenton Central High School were included in an exhibit stationed in front of the New Jersey State House in October
New Jersey Democratic gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono slammed members of her party Tuesday after losing the race to Republican incumbent Chris Christie.
Focusing on how the handling of the shutdown affected, or did not affect, the vote this week ignores a more potent way in which it is impacting Republicans: making voters less likely to be Republicans in the first place.
Buono's last-minute campaign efforts also came with little involvement from President Barack Obama or other high-profile
Chris Christie, the Republican incumbent in the New Jersey governor's race, has won reelection. Christie defeated his Democratic
Christie, 51, was already popular when Sandy slammed into the coast a year ago, damaging 360,000 homes and businesses and
Facing a skeptical moderator, he replied in the usual blunt, you-gotta-be-kidding-me manner that has proved appealing to
Chris Christie Sails To Overwhelming Reelection
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