barbara eden

"She was a very independent creature, very strong."
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A half century ago, I Dream of Jeannie premiered on television. On September 18, 1965, a genie named Jeannie emerged from a wisp of smoke and landed into Captain Anthony Nelson's heart.
50 years ago on September 18, 1965, I Dream of Jeannie debuted on NBC. In the first episode, astronaut Capt. Anthony Nelson's
On this day in 1965, "I Dream Of Jeannie" premiered to an audience already accustomed to the sight of a magic-practicing lady. (As long as she didn't expose her belly button.)
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Barbara Eden, 78, inspired serious nostalgia when she got back into her famous crop top and harem pants from the 1960s sitcom this weekend, reprising her Jeannie character at Saturday's Life Ball 2013 in Vienna. Leigh Blickley and Ellie Krupnick join Marc to discuss.
PHOTOS: Some more stylish costumes we love... Barbara Eden's "I Dream of Jeannie" costume falls squarely into that category
Couldn't we really use a genie right about now? Imagine the things that could change with a blink of the eyes.
Feldon: It reminds me of my mother. She grew up in a small town. Flint, Michigan. And when she married she moved to a much