Barbara Streisand

(L to R) 'On The Twentieth Century;' Adolph Green, Larry Fuller, Imogene Coca, John Cullum & Betty Comden; photo: original
She looked like a punk rock Audrey Hepburn with crayon red hair. She was the first woman I ever met who wore leather pants. She played bass guitar in a punk band called Jade, and she was cast as one of the evil stepsisters. I thought she was just about the coolest person I'd ever met.
Other notable exhibitions featured are: "Days of Future Past" featuring the art of Mari Kim, "From the Streets to Canvas
Despite her amazing "real life fairy tale" theatrical roots in America, my grandmother, who nurtured a lifelong dream to be a singer, never became famous. She did sing to me as a child, however, and, just as crucially, made space for me. Humane space.
As we prepare to celebrate "Mothering Sunday," remembering those women who have nurtured us along our path, one way to honor them is to make sure they avoid -- or survive -- heart disease.
Libraries are the great American equalizer. Whether you are young or old, rich or poor, atheist or devout, have a PhD or are a high school dropout, your public library welcomes you. They have no choice, as Roz Warren explains in her screamingly funny book, Our Bodies, Our Shelves: A Collection of Library Humor.
Those not mentioned here could fill an album. There are reasons that Jews are good at Christmas songs and why so many of
Have you ever considered that you are more like the celebrities in your dreams than you realize? And how do you imagine your
Mia Farrow Cher Bono Just take a look at these gorgeous shots, and see if you don't agree: Olivia Newton-John All photographs
After a sudden and disappointing end to my multiyear relationship, I found myself asking, "What would Barbra do?" With no
Over 20 years ago, Mary Jane Blige stepped into the music business with distinction. Armed with gritty soulful vocals, honey blonde hair, street edge swag and a new blending of R&B/Soul infused with hip hop, Mary created a new path in music history.
But don't neglect your hair. Go big or go home. Barbra Streisand's turn as Fanny Brice in 1968's "Funny Girl" was quite possibly
In Season 5, "Glee" fans can also look forward to guest roles from Demi Lovato as a new friend of Rachel and Santana's (Naya
Playwright Jonathan Tolins' comedic gem has, in addition, supplied me with a new definition of genius -- an artist who can transform the most narcissistic book ever written into a comic masterpiece.
While the café was transforming into a bar, a nuclear testing site was being built by the U.S. Army a mere 50 miles away. In this age of innocence it quickly became vogue to grab an "Atomic Cocktail" and climb a ladder to the café's roof to watch for mushroom clouds on the horizon.
This past spring saw not one but four solo shows, three of them Broadway vehicles for major star ladies and one unassuming off-Broadway effort with a skinny guy you probably never heard off.
Young Italian pop vocal trio Il Volo joins Alicia to talk about how they've worked with Placido Domingo and Barbara Streisand.
PHOTO: The iconic singer wore a dramatically low-cut black dress and embellished the look with a beautiful, green pendant
In honor of Babs' 71st birthday on April 24, we revisit her most iconic looks. While we miss her '60s beehive most of all
The legendary, yet humble, recording genius Phil Ramone, 72, whose influence across a stunning spectrum of popular music for decades has passed away in New York. CNN stated, "His collaboration credits are a Who's Who of the music industry."