Barbecue sauce

While different regions of the United States take credit for distinct styles, who brought it here in the first place? And who defines it?
One of these football cities is known for barbecue, the other for seafood. Which cuisine will reign supreme?
The British Columbia-based Fastenal manager felt burned by the gift, complaining U.S. workers received gift boxes filled with candy, beef jerky and other goodies.
Stores may stock the elusive sauce in just a few days.
Pork shoulder is one of the cornerstones of American barbecue--right up there with brisket and ribs. It's certainly the most flexible: you can smoke it. Indirect grill it. Spit-roast it on a rotisserie. It's also the most forgiving: it stays moist even when you overcook it.
My older son left for college in mid-August. Five days later, I applied to train to become a yoga teacher. I had been been practicing yoga for six weeks. I had no business wanting to teach it.
You'd never think to sprinkle sugar on your chicken breast, but nutritionist LeeAnn Weintraub says that's exactly what we're
It's easy for folks who didn't grow up with barbecue to lump it all together into one category of awesomeness. That's fine
#Buick designs luxury cars inspired by the well-lived life -- and all the destinations, (food) discoveries and companions
We would've thought these bottled ingredients were unacceptable, but they're exceptional.