A county jail in North Carolina has launched a program to teach detained teen boys about the art of barbering.
As of late I've been feeling pretty robbed by my barber, simply because all he does is tax. Treats me to something I didn't
Hug your father if you are lucky enough to still have one.
After fleeing Syria eight years ago, Ibrahim Haji Mohammad has made a name for himself as one of Hungary's trendiest beard barbers.
Josh Coombes is using #DoSomethingForNothing to document his dedication to giving back.
Ibrahim Haji Mohammad's shop is making waves in downtown Budapest.
Scott: I use the Gel Pomade because it dries hard. You can sweat, be in the sun and it does not break down. In fact, Pedro
It's more than cutting hair; a barber can inspire customers "to leave through those doors and do something great.”
“A human interaction with them, companionship from someone who just genuinely wants to know about them is going to really
I had barely touched down in California when it was time to take off again. This time, to Detroit, to attend Netroots Nation, billed as the United States' biggest annual gathering of progressive activists, organizers and online social justice innovators.
Early in our conversation at his workshop on a cold fall morning, Kenton Sorenson was waxing poetic about haircutting when
"Bernard," he says. "Yes," I reply, immediately snapping to attention, not wanting to miss a pearl of wisdom that he might impart to me this day. "You're voting for Obama, right," posed not so much as a question but more like an admonition.