As of late I've been feeling pretty robbed by my barber, simply because all he does is tax. Treats me to something I didn't
“There's a lot of mistrust of systems with black men, particularly when you talk about government."
Kids are bookin' it to this shop, which houses only titles with black role models.
I got to be honest, I saw the new Barbershop movie last night. I was about 15 minutes into the film when my whiteness popped up, and I found myself saying in my head, "I wish there were at least one white person in the film."
A pre-trial conference on the lawsuit is scheduled for July 15.
The third installment in the "Barbershop" film franchise, "Barbershop: The Next Cut," is set to premier this Friday, April 15th, and while the calendar says it's Spring, the forecast calls for Ice (Cube, that is).
"The barber then stared at Rose as if he was examining Rose's appearance and stated 'We don't cut women's hair,'" said Trevis's attorney, Gloria Allred during a press conference in Los Angeles.
"You can transcend whatever situation you’re in," said Eve.
And his grounds are both transphobic and misogynous.
A good barber is irreplaceable. When you find someone who cuts your hair the right way, you don't deviate because you know you aren't going to find that cut in the hands of another barber.