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Four guys start singing on a plane and is all is well until someone calls them old.
The attendant uploaded the video of the quartet's impromptu performance to YouTube on Jan. 7. It's since gone viral, racking
Panthers Pro Bowl center Ryan Kalil had a special surprise for his retiring teammate Jordan Gross at his press conference
It may be literally a billion degrees below zero outside (not scientifically confirmed), but you can pretend it's summer
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Now I sing baritone with two different quartets. In a chorus, your errors of commission or omission will probably not be
Who knew that Tulsa would end up being such a blast? This town is very cool. Great restaurants, an amazing indie coffee shop, and to top it off, Hanson are more than willing to indulge in a little mens-room singing.
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The Kinsey Sicks will perform from December 18 through January 2 at the J Theatre (you can order tickets here). In the meantime
Sometimes, a song is so wonderful that it just deserves to be seen. This is the utter joy of exuberant showmanship.