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A rare partnership between a sports arena and a nonprofit is helping a vulnerable population score employment — and they’re thriving.
"I am truly touched by what we can do when we come together as one," the actor and singer said of the benefit concert.
The UFC star "went bananas" and shattered a window, injuring other fighters.
"Young men — young black men — are dying, and it’s not even a black or white issue," the rapper told a crowd Sunday. "It’s a human issue."
This marks the second year that WWE is having their summer PPV event in New York at the Barclays Center. I've recently started watching WWE NXT about two years ago and the brand has become a phenomenon, getting just as popular as its main roster.
The dogwoods, magnolias, cherry blossoms and eastern redbuds in all their springtime glory are almost enough to make anyone
As his diatribe came to an end, he dedicated the night's show to Prince, calling the musician "one of the greatest performers
The architects for Brooklyn's Barclays Center, master planners for LaGuardia Airport and designers of Uber's new headquarters are turning their collective attention to a museum for SITE, in Santa Fe's booming warehouse district.
76ers and Lakers fans should be watching all of his games.
Halsey All photos by DeShaun Craddock. Metric Last night, Las Vegas band Imagine Dragons lit up the stage with smoke and
In a world where we think we have seen everything and certainly as New Yorker's we know everything-- inexhaustible David Byrne, surprises us with Contemporary Color presented by BAM at The Barclay Center in Brooklyn.
Barry Manilow's farewell show Wednesday may have been a goodbye to huge, multi-city tours. But he gave the strong impression that his performing days were far from over. Which is music to the ears of a fellow nice Jewish boy from Brooklyn.
Increasingly real estate developers and residents are favoring sustainable real estate for not only their eco-friendliness, but also for their ability to cut down monthly electric bills.
Postseason play is the proper way to close the curtain on an arena rich with history and tradition, and the Islanders will see big price premiums on the secondary ticket market through their final home games this year.
His trouble started in 2001 when he and a friend traveled to Bayonne, New Jersey, where a confrontation ensued. Two men wound
Sentimental in his lyrics, if nothing else, it seems only fitting that Manilow will conclude his final tour on his birthday with a performance at the Barclays Center in his hometown of Brooklyn, N.Y.
One of the many great things about living in New York City is the abundance of sports teams. In every major sport, New York has not one, but at least two professional teams -- a luxury not afforded to smaller cities like Cleveland or even more cosmopolitan ones like Boston.
James -- along with other players -- made this "shoutout" before a packed house, which included courtside spectators Prince