Bard College

We have the Consortium for Liberal Arts in Prison which has worked to establish different programs which are run by other
Recent allegations say the college referred to choking as "erotic asphyxiation without consent."
Bernstein is the author of Notes on Post-Conceptual Poetry and Burn Book. Bernstein's writings have appeared in BOMB, Hyperallergic
The liberal arts school is now the subject of two federal complaints.
The college ignored its own rules about punishing assaults, and it nearly cost Allison her life. It took a police investigation to turn things around.
When the Bard College Debate Union and the United States Military Academy at West Point Debate Society tackled the question: "Is National Security More Important Than Individual Right To Privacy," both affirmative and negative sides delivered compelling, well-researched, and often surprising answers.
As Eden prepared to attend a conference on performance's intersection with visual art, MutualArt had the opportunity to ask her about her new position at DiverseWorks, her plans concerning funding and audience engagement and Katie Grinnan: Nocturnal Hologram, the first show she has curated for the space.
Drive 100 miles from New York City, straight up the Hudson River, and you'll find a trio of towns with very different personalities. Rhinebeck has been a tourist town since the mid 1700's, when it was a stage stop between New York City and Albany.
Palmer has, not to put too fine a point on it, ripped open her chest and exposed her heart for all to see.