The siblings promoted eco-accessories brand BARE's latest collection.
In a very small town in the middle of the Nevada desert a young girl strips off her clothes, a drifter gets vulnerable and opens her heart, drugs factor without judgment, and the two characters veer into darkness as they hopefully and hopelessly search for all the pieces of who they are to become.
Everyone is invited, newbies and nudists alike.
Bad set design can make an otherwise good production appear false and a pitiful play can be made all the more horrible by confusing environs.
Playing this part has let me see the "jockey" side of me … I get to play someone that I'm not. I think it's made me a bit
Together the collection gives you an idea of the range of mediums, techniques, styles, and sentiments that appear on the
Bare is a vague, earnest musical about one teenager becoming increasingly confident in coming out while the other becomes increasingly scared.
There are sentimentalists out therehappy to spend much of the Christmas season looking for It's a Wonderful Life screenings. For them, Anthony E. Palermo has adapted the beloved screenplay as a one-hour radio play.
Jon Hartmere, Bare playwright, does the rare achievement of presenting issues in the midst of feelings, and with no motivation to preach.
3. Bare! At Black Fox Quality story tellers perform in an intimate space. After a long election night, an evening of quiet