Authorities say Alexandria Incontro scaled the massive granite sculpture Friday with bare feet and no rope, making it to about 15 feet (4.5 meters) from the top.
Here are five key tips for befriending your feet:
Barefoot’s alignment and support of the LGBT community over the years. Features older LGBT couples and their feelings on the marriage equality ruling 1 year ago.
Carli Lloyd may be the best soccer player in the world, but as it turns out, she's just like us. The U.S. Women's National
essence anchored in air the salty ur of vibrancy It's the magical time of year when life flows effortlessly because I'm enjoying
walk the lavender fields of Provence through the grains of earth at lilac dawn when clouds are opalescent air barefoot drop
Who needs shoes? Because really, walking around in heels or even sneakers can sometimes... suck. But, there are some celebrities
In a world caught up in invention, there's a refreshingly refined lack of inhibition that exists in Northern Michigan. It exudes a comfortable authenticity, a realness unmatched in other geographies. It's a place that knows who it is and doesn't try to be anything different.
Shoe companies and health care providers have traditionally put forth that various levels of biomechanical shortcomings are the root cause of our locomotive problems. We are inherently flawed, and only cleverly-designed footwear is the solution.
Some people have and will continue to call me barefoot and crazy. Springtime in the Midwest isn't the warmest weather and I cannot promise you that it will be comfortable for your toes. Despite all of this, I will continue to go barefoot every year for One Day Without Shoes. Why?
Previous research has shown that striking on your heels might mean hitting the ground with three times more weight than barefoot
How many pairs of shoes does a woman need? Ten pair, a hundred pair or a thousand pair?
If you choose to shrug off the skeptics' jeers and run barefooted anywhere you want to, remember as you enjoy your journey to practice patience, because full adaptation can take a while.
3. Dry Brush. Buy a good stiff body brush and dry brush every few days. Start at your toes and brush upward toward the heart
A simple reframe affects how we think about running, and that determines how we actually run. But, how do we run?
That's why TOMS Shoes, a one-for-one company that delivers shoes to children in need around the world, marks April 10 as
Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS shoes, has dedicated his successful business to providing footwear for kids around the
"I think it's going to continue," she said. "We have an epidemic of knee and hip problems. The last resort is to go naked
Health clubs and gyms are known to harbor a host of contagious germs, and people who frequent them are at a greater risk for contracting infections that range from mild (but annoying) to more serious.