Plus, there's more you didn't know about the Barefoot Contessa.
We couldn't cook up a prettier pad if we tried. 🍪
Whether she's surprising Jeffrey with yet another home-cooked meal, calling up her friends for an impromptu dinner party, or just whipping up cookies with countless celebrity guests, Ina always makes us feel like we're right there with her.
Last week was a good week in our household. My mom came to visit, so that meant there would be home-cooked meals on the table every night for my kids, meals I wouldn't feel pressured to prepare.
12. Whenever an "Ace of Cakes" creation is loaded into the back of a van or carried up stairs, you go into full blown panic
Our religion is food-focused and as such, whenever there's some praying to be done, we open our recipe books way more enthusiastically than we do our prayer books.
We can't believe these are still being shot today.