barefoot running

Parents should encourage our kids to wear them. And we should set the example of helmeting up ourselves.
There was a time when I ran a 10K race with the Mayor of Yelapa, Cuba. As we headed uphill on the only asphalt road going into and out of town, we were passed by a group of teenage girls running barefoot.
The day after the lawsuit I was approached by a woman who said: "I heard those were actually bad for you." I explained that misusing anything can be bad for you.
7. Kashi A health advocacy group sued General Mills in 2012 over its “Naturally Flavored” “Strawberry” Fruit Roll-Ups, which
Vibram, the company behind the barefoot-style shoes, just settled a multi-million dollar class-action lawsuit alleging the company misrepresented health research in its advertising.
The second part of the court settlement bars Vibram from making future claims about the health benefits of its shoes. Vibram
Only elite runners have a shot of winning, but all 36,000 entrants can dream, can't they? By this Walter Mitty standard, each entrant is more than five times more likely to win the Boston Marathon than to die running it.
In 2010, a French adventure racer named Nicolas Mermoud approached Karl Meltzer, the accomplished American ultrarunner, and
Links: Pose Method TV Assorted Pose Method Drills But, since childhood, most of us have been unwittingly rewiring themselves
Here, we return to the concept of Antoine de Saint-Exupery -- Pull Sequence Like a musician practicing scales and arpeggios
Fall End of Fall Range of Fall Determines Pace * And, now: Put your back against a wall and your feet a few inches from the
So from here, in this Pose position, you stand on the precipice, ready to give yourself to gravity and fall forward at 9.8m
... modern distance runners use a maladaptive [landing] pattern, specifically heel strike running, which is promoted by running
Now, when people ask, "What's Pose Method running?" I know they anticipate some snap, crackle, pop answer. Nothing substantial
So much of my time hitchhiking, I think of roads. Of Patch workers on ice roads. Of roadside running caribou. Of traveling carnival convoys. Of runners in love living their dream lives on the road. There's a lot of living on the road and some rides go far.
Barefoot running is best learned during the preseason when fitness is a lesser concern. Unless you are already regularly barefooted, the progression toward appreciable distance takes weeks for some, and months for others.
I consider running in a novel way, but one that's as natural to humans as are the undulations of flying to sparrows, and swimming to elephant seals. That means regardless of medium, on this planet, horizontal locomotion requires us to hitch a ride with gravity.
Because the running shoe materially alters natural gait and simultaneously robs us of the feedback necessary to correct and adjust our faulty stride, this protective, supportive device creates and becomes itself a threatening environment.