Look through the ads, make a list of items you want to buy and make a road map of what stores to hit and in what order. Mark down what time each store opens! Make sure you also have all of your store coupons, credit cards, etc.. for more savings!
The winter holidays often have a bad reputation as the most budget-busting time of the year, but with proper planning, they don't have to be.
Anyone else obssessed with animal prints? I could never get enough. This is my favorite print combo. I purchased this cool cow print crossbody last summer, and it's still one of my faves. No matter what I wear it with I always pair it with my super comfy leopard heels.
One of the most exhilarating aspects of bargain hunting is figuring out just how big of a deal you've scored. So a new lawsuit
I was raised to believe I should 'never pay retail.' Stores like Saks and Nordstrom were for other folks. My mother could get the same merchandise for half the price by shopping at discount stores or buying things that were on sale. Seems like a great way to save money, right? Well, not so much.
If you like bargains and don't mind carrying a fat wad of cash, then by all means take your Greece vacation as planned. But if you're nervous about food shortages, grounded ferries and Marxist uprisings, consider some alternatives.
6. Unless it's the thrill you get when the price turns out to be even lower than you thought. Just like restaurants give
When I moved to the United States, I discovered a gold mine. Several in fact. I was in awe of my revelations -- I could not believe my eyes!
Every time I return from Paris with a suitcase full of clothes and shoes, my friends marvel at how I can afford to shop in Paris. So let me tell you a few of my little secrets. I am not wealthy and I do not spend tons of money when shopping for my clothes.
Did you wait until the very last minute to book to try and score a discounted rate? We've all tried one way or another to reduce the cost of hotel accommodation -- it's such a big part of a holiday budget.
Let's not forget those costly car tune-ups. Jiffy Lube, which offers services like oil changes, brake fixes, and tire rotations
Even with this obstacle, here are a few simple tips for both sellers and buyers that can make the bargaining process go more smoothly regardless of your level of involvement. And they will help keep the experience fun as well.
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All the things we love about the Seattle-based members-only warehouse club.
What if we spend Advent lounging around like laid-back country shepherds instead of anxious, competitive Christmas shoppers? It might feel lazy.
I've spent the last two years knee-deep in deals and discounts. It's been a travel-heavy trip: I've hopscotched from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul to a luxury outlet mall outside Tokyo. From that journey, both literal and metaphorical, here are my top ten lessons.
Who cares if the government's closed when there's a place right down the street that's open from the crack of dawn 'til 9 p.m. and everything's a dollar?
One of the benefits of hitting the shore in autumn is affordable hotel rates, putting dream destinations like Hilton Head, Montauk, Laguna Beach, and even Nantucket within your reach. Here are our favorite American beach towns with fall rates that say, "Welcome!"
The future of travel will be filled with steals and deals for a lucky few, but for the rest of us? Not so much. With the busy American Memorial Day holiday weekend just around the corner, many unwitting customers are about to find out just how bad it can get.