Barnum & Bailey

They'll spend the rest of their lives at a sanctuary in Florida.
Family entertainment sure has come a long way since the heyday of traveling circuses in the United States. For example, check
Actress Olivia Munn recently blogged for HuffPost about Sarah, a 54-year-old elephant with a chronic infection, forced to
Gene, who normally doesn't get involved in animal rights issues, said he heard about the protest through Olivia Munn's blog
Seven Asian elephants linked tail to trunk and marched through Downtown LA early this morning to get the word out about the
Is parading elephants through Manhattan streets enough to capture your attention? Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus
Would you feel differently about circus animals doing back flips or dancing on cue if you knew they were being hit with a bull hook or struck with a whip?
Mr. Bernanke doesn't say it, but the current crisis in the subprime mortgage market may be a perfect illustration of the financial accelerator at work today.
That sound you're hearing may be the bottom of the barrel scraping -- or it could be the moaning of a circus elephant being abused.
Evidence indicates that for the last 14 years TB positive and TB infected elephants have been traveling the country and performing in closed arenas full of little kids.