barrel bombs

The military denied that it used such weapons.
A shaky ceasefire has brought some calm to the besieged city, but promised aid deliveries have yet to show up.
Yet the country's president still denies using the explosive devices.
Daraya has been under siege by its own government for more than three years.
It is these two groups that an organisation called DiploHack has thrown together to solve real problems - like corrupt government, sexual violence or the use of internationally prohibited weapons.
The first-ever survey of Syrian refugees in Europe shows Syrians are fleeing from Assad, not ISIS. Nearly all of them want to go home. But unless politicians start listening to why they're fleeing and what needs to happen for them to go home, many more will come.
The challenge of Putin as well as ISIS requires an answer beyond avoidance and containment. The threat is immediate but also the challenge to the rule of law and the ideology upon which free and democratic states have prospered as societies and economies over the last few decades.
The fight against ISIS is not going well. In Iraq, the Obama Administration's declared main theater of the battle, an anti-ISIS military offensive has stalled amid allegations of politicized intelligence.
Together, let's show the people of Syria that we haven't forgotten them. Join me in calling for a no-fly zone. Because if we can stand together and show those leaders that dither and sway that we demand action, we can make a difference.