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Guests included Elaine May, Jeanne Berlin, Barry Diller, Mandy Patinkin, Lee Grant, Robert Benton, Barry Levinson, James
Billionaire IAC Chairman Barry Diller made the comment to Politico.
New York City's acknowledged position as the mecca for arts and entertainment in America means that aspiring artists and performers flock here in untold numbers, willing to sacrifice everything for the opportunity to present their work at the highest levels in their fields.
I was really looking forward to seeing The Humans on Broadway. I was looking forward to seeing young Stephen Karam's widely-touted new play.
Inspired by a stellar review in the New Yorker of David O. Russell's new movie, "Joy," I headed out for the theater. The script, the New Yorker's (unnamed) film critic reported, "captures the magical moment when Joy's private inspiration finds public expression," and, "the core of the film is Joy's mastery of the killer instinct and her deft plotting of bold confrontations." My kind of flick.
Marlo Thomas, with comic timing in her DNA, deploys hilarious split-second grimaces and many eye rolls under David Saint's expert direction.
Well, 2014 was certainly the "Year That Was" for parks and open space, with many cities finding places to build new parks by creatively reusing abandoned or underperforming infrastructure as parks, and with record levels of new public and private investment in some states and cities.
New York City's West Side could be getting a lot more whimsical if plans succeed for an imaginative new park. Construction
Rita Wilson told a funny story about having worked with Bobby Short, resident star singer pianist at this special supper club back in the day. "It was a commercial," she laughed and sang a few notes from the Charlie ad, and we never really met. That was my brush with greatness."
In a major win for broadcasters, the Supreme Court ruled 6-3 that Aereo, a streaming service that provides access to programs at about the same time as they are broadcast, violates the Copyright Act of 1976. The decision is a huge blow for Aereo, which may go out of business.
Aereo supporters say the decision gave entrepreneurs the freedom to create all sorts of new technology over the next 30 years
Kanojia has said his company will shut down if it loses in the nation’s highest court. “Why, given this administration’s
Peter Hyams has been making movies for over 40 years. A native New Yorker, Hyams has the distinction of being one of the only directors who also serves as his own cinematographer on his films, a hyphenate that has caused him some controversy among cameramen.
Once you're in, it is magic time. On Friday evening, Diane von Furstenberg and husband Barry Diller were the official hosts
An Aereo spokeswoman told HuffPost on Friday that the company "will respond, as appropriate, in due course." But while Aereo
The Internet television streaming service Aereo notched another legal victory against major broadcasters on Thursday when
"I don't know about you," Kincaid said during his presentation, "but if I was listed as one of the most powerful homosexuals
If you're a light TV viewer who just wants to watch the major networks, Aereo might be right for you.
Oh hi, Rupert! Murdoch and his sons were not the only media bigwigs in attendance. Barry Diller was there with glamorous