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The "If Beale Street Could Talk" director said the actor's improvisation produced his favorite lines in the film.
The 10-part adaptation of Colson Whitehead's novel should disrupt your TV-watching habits. The “Moonlight” director says to take your time with it.
The award-winning actress said she learned "so much" from the director of "If Beale Street Could Talk."
“If Beale Street Could Talk” breathes life into Hollywood’s depictions of black love. HuffPost’s Taryn Finley and Zeba Blay break down why.
HuffPost Black Voices hosted a panel on the social norms imposed on black men.
HuffPost Black Voices hosted a panel on the social norms imposed on black men.
Praise for the anodyne “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Green Book” felt completely removed from the night's earlier victories for diversity and representation.
The actress won Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for "If Beale Street Could Talk."
2018 was a case study in the explosion of creativity that can ensue when filmmakers are liberated from the burden of being the Only One.
"Steals every scene, every moment she’s on screen," the Oscar-winning director wrote on Twitter.
The Oscar-winning director imagined Oprah cheering, "You get an Oscar! You get an Oscar!"
The 1898 film, "Something Good - Negro Kiss," is believed to have the earliest depiction of black intimacy on-screen.
How do you make a black film for black people without also exposing it to the scrutiny of race tourists?
"This is diplomacy in motion, soft power wielded like a machete through the diligent, decisive act of dressing," tweeted one famous admirer.
The Golden Globe-nominated actress talks learning from Barry Jenkins, vulnerability on screen and a pivotal scene in which the politics of hair abound.
The New York Film Critics Circle recently named King the best supporting actress for her role in the film.
This exclusive featurette highlights how a lesser-celebrated James Baldwin story came to life.
Jenkins described receiving notes the legendary author left for the future director of the novel adaptation.
The Oscar-winning director's first movie since "Moonlight," based on the James Baldwin classic, is already generating Oscar buzz.
"If it could happen to me with someone who’s driving me ... what the hell do you think happens to some dude working a shift at the factory?" Barry Jenkins asked.