barton gellman

Pulitzer-winning journalist Barton Gellman said Purdue "cannot lightly wear the shackles" of a defense contractor.
Was Snowden a hero? Not surprisingly, Gellman won't be drawn into such a clichéd analysis. What he does insist, however, is that Snowden was an important figure who has sparked a massively important conversation -- one, in his words, with "legs" -- that is still going on today.
An intel lawyer (probably NSA, CIA or ODNI) claims tracking U.S. cellphone locations doesn't violate the Fourth Amendment. Weren't the Founding Fathers paranoiac revolutionaries who would have been scared out of their buckskin breeches by a government tracking our every move?
In fact, there is nothing to stop the U.S. government from censoring the media with regard to revelations such as those contained in the Snowden files -- nothing, that is, except longstanding tradition.
The American Civil Liberties Union said Friday that it has been in contact with former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden for several weeks, and at his request the organization is “playing a coordinating role to ensure that he receives appropriate legal advice and representation.”
The Washington Post gave a peek on Thursday night into the ways in which it brushed back the White House during contentious negotiations over its bombshell story about the National Security Agency's repeated privacy violations.