BASE jumping

For Roberta Mancino, the fiery flight was a dream come true.
The speedy peregrine falcon power-dives past a BASE jumper in a flash.
You can't stop watching this daredevil dance.
Emanuele trained for more than three years to complete the stunt, according to the video description. The video has been
James Brady, Andrew Rossig, and Marko Markovich can only wait while the jury debates the four charges against them, including one felony burglary count and one misdemeanor for BASE jumping from One World Trade Center.
"If I die BASE jumping," Bryan Swick Turner wrote in a letter addressed to his closest friends, "Please, and I cannot emphasize this enough, do everything you can to help end extreme poverty by 2030 and do your utmost to achieve sustainable development beyond that.
Jim Hickey of Claremont, California, likely died on impact after hitting the water at a high rate of speed on Thursday evening
The National reports that Princess Tower residents got a kick out of the display. Video of the event -- organized by Skydive
In a 2013 interview, years after the accident, Corliss said fear forces him to be fully present in the moment. The canopy
A new video from Barcroft TV shows members of the extreme sport team, which goes by the name No Limit, sneak past security