"You don't need to build a crazy company. You can treat people fairly and do well."
The new BaseCamp made its grand opening recently, along with the rest of the Whitney Peak Hotel. Harness up, climbers! The
Last month, an unidentified hacker threatened to cripple the website of Meetup, a social networking site with 16 million
Svalbard lies at the end of the world. At 78 degrees north, Longyearbyen is a pretty remote settlement, although getting there is surprisingly easy.
Effective communication helps build trust and creates an environment where creative ideas and problem-solving are welcomed and encouraged. When there is no open communication, miscommunication or misunderstanding is often the result, causing conflict and frustration among team members.
The world is moving fast these days, but to truly innovate you need to move even faster than the fastest competitors. So how can cloud computing give you the speed you need to stay ahead of your competition?
Also, inconvenience is when you have to wait another 5 minutes for your coffee. Pain is when someone spills it in your lap
The second and final step is to aim for number one when you have reached number two. Having these two step approach is like aiming for number without the added pressure and difficulties associated with it.
"We continue to build products that we need for ourselves, which means we focus on doing just a few things. It seems everyone