basic instinct

“I lost custody of my child,” Stone said. “The judge asked my child, my tiny little, tiny boy, ‘Do you know your mother makes sex movies?’"
The "Basic Instinct" director sounded off about the famous crotch scene and the "new purity" of moviemaking.
Paul Verhoeven told Variety his memory of shooting the frontal nudity scene was “radically different” than the actor’s.
"Been there, done that," wrote the Oscar nominee alongside a snapshot that referenced her iconic performance as Catherine Tramell.
She decided to allow the scene because it was "correct for the film and for the character; and because, after all, I did it," she writes in her upcoming book.
This is your last chance to watch a few of the best films on the streaming service.
Bumble apologized with a joke after the "Basic Instinct" star was kicked off the app over reports her account was fake.
"I can’t believe he gets away with this story," the movie star told "Late Night" host Seth Meyers.
Sharon Stone, who famously uncrossed and recrossed her sexy legs in the 1992 hit movie "Basic Instinct," has some advice for younger actresses: don't be afraid to get naked.
The manic energy that Verhoeven is renowned for was evident throughout our chat, and was infectious. By the time our all-too-brief lunch was over, I found myself waving my hands while I spoke in rapid clips, and using more bounce than usual in my stride.