basil recipes

Chiffonade sounds fancy, but that's only because it's French.
While atop a pile of linguini noodles is always a wonderful place for basil, consider these other uses for this culinary wonder in its peak season.
Welcome to the fourth installment of "WTF, CSA?" Each week this CSA season, we'll help you make use of your overflowing CSA
How do we love thee, basil? Let us count the ways.
After some rattling of bowls and a few choice curses, my sister emerged from the kitchen area carrying a large glass bowl of pesto pasta to the table. I took my first bite before she did. My taste buds immediately shut down. My throat burned.
Abundant harvests like this one are a great way to bring family and friends together around the rituals of food. It can take time and several hands to pick over a large amount of basil.
At my house, we wait all year for high summer and the first taste of fresh basil. So whether you grow it, crave it, or buy it, here are ten easy ways to use an overabundance.
Making pesto can be a slightly messy job. Making two separate batches of pesto is a very messy job--especially since I was trying to get them both out on the table at the same time.
Pesto is one of my culinary specialties and one of my goals this summer was to discover how to keep pesto really green.