bathroom bill

Adults in Florida can now be criminally charged if they don’t use the bathroom that matches the sex they were assigned at birth.
Rep. Webster Barnaby likened transgender people to “demons and imps” before the Florida House Commerce Committee approved a bill restricting bathroom access.
Sen. James Inhofe took to the Senate floor to accuse the Obama administration of engaging in a "social experiment" as part of the liberal agenda in its attempt to protect the rights of transgender Americans.
Businesses that allow trans people to use the restroom that best matches their gender identity were required to post a red and yellow warning sign.
An old video of the “Harry Potter” star speaking up about transgender rights has gone viral for its stark contrast to author J.K. Rowling’s views.
Lawmakers agreed to stop pushing for nondiscrimination ordinances in 2017 as a compromise in ending the state’s controversial “bathroom bill.”
Advocacy groups hope the state will repair the reputation it earned after 2016's "bathroom bill" controversy, but more battles lie ahead.
"Black people know what discrimination is like," the NBA legend told Ellen DeGeneres.
State Sen. Dan Bishop, who faces Democrat Dan McCready in a special election, used an Oskar Schindler analogy to characterize his advocacy against gay rights.
The Republican state senator won Tuesday in the redo of North Carolina's congressional election. He now faces Democrat Dan McCready in September.