bathroom bills

The team wants everyone to be able to relieve themselves "triumphantly."
The UNC system president wrote in a court filing that she had "no intent" to enforce the new law.
For many trans and non-binary people -- especially those of us like me who are early on in our transitions and thus are more likely to have difficulty "passing" as our true genders to society -- there are few things more fraught than the prospect of using a public gendered restroom.
Judge Not! Of course, like anything else, this would not be the case with every experience of life. There are things that happen around us and, sometimes, even to us that appear to be completely random and devoid of any rational explanation.
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Mississippi's current political leaders travel to the beat of a different dumber. Whenever another state does something particularly outrageous that threatens to lead it to claiming the title of worst, Mississippi can be counted on to save it by doing something worse.
It may too soon to tell, but so far North Carolina GOP governor Pat McCrory's signing of a sweeping anti-LGBT law hasn't been a great help to his re-election campaign.
We have a long way to go to protect women and girls from cisgender men who don't know how to behave but keeping transgender people from the bathroom is not one of them.
A rural Virginia school board's discriminatory policy is headed down the toilet, exactly where it belongs. And soon to follow should be the North Carolina law, the South Carolina bill, and other states' proposed legislation putting public bathroom access at the center of the nation's culture wars.
Tuesday the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a precedent-setting decision for transgender high school student Gavin Grimm, resoundingly reversing a lower court decision that had held school districts can bar transgender students from using restrooms consistent with their gender identity.
Mental health professionals would be allowed to reject LGBT patients based on "sincerely held principles."
If a transgender male-identified person has a passport that says that he is a she, that person must go to the bathroom that
For years before I began my medical transition, I was discriminated against in the restroom. Before I even knew that transitioning was a possibility, my gender was questioned in the restroom. These experiences are part of my life experience. These experiences traumatized and shaped me.
Today is not only Easter for those of faith but also Transgender Day of Visibility, a day of positive reflection for the trans community. But many trans people prefer to remain in the shadows, and Arizona's "bathroom bill" will not not do anything to help them feel more welcomed in society.