baton rouge

The Baton Rouge Police Chief announced that one officer involved in the shooting death of Alton Sterling has been fired and the other has been suspended.
Sharon Weston Broome says she will work to unify and heal the city plagued by racial tension.
Just last year, people's confidence in their local police was significantly lower.
With trillions of gallons of rainfall, the horrific flooding in Louisiana displaced thousands. And while relief efforts continue, there have been a few moments filled with smiles.
Ratatouille This classic French dish makes the most of end-of-summer farm-to-table produce, including the less-than-lovely
After historic flooding hit Baton Rouge, people in the state have rallied to help thousands who lost everything.
Making police departments better reflect their communities will be a huge step towards positive change.
The recent flooding in southern Louisiana has brought back horrific memories for some residents.
Much like the permanent stamp of Mississippi Delta blues in changing popular music, human impact has made permanent changes to landscapes. These changes are showing up in ugly and shattering ways: Lead filled water and soil, disappearing and flooding of lands, and disproportionate loss for socially vulnerable populations.