Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Baton Rouge officials said an investigation into the incident is underway and that they have not yet reached a decision concerning the officer’s actions.
Police say benches were flipped and the landscape damaged at the Odell S. Williams African-American Museum in Baton Rouge.
Ronn Germaine Bell rented a residence from Roberts-Joseph and was behind in his payments, police said.
Sadie Roberts-Joseph, an inspirational leader who founded an African American history museum, was discovered dead on Friday.
The Baton Rouge Police Department said the 75-year-old was a "tireless advocate of peace."
People have ideas about who they want leisha Evans to be. “And when they get a glimpse of who I actually am, they don’t like it.”
"We're afraid of revenge," a Baton Rouge resident said.
One officer involved in the shooting death of Alton Sterling has been fired and the other has been suspended.
"I'm going to shoot you in your f**king head," one of the officers can be heard saying in the video.
The 28-year-old is the seventh known trans person killed this year.