"We kind of decided to throw the bat among the pigeons and ruffle some feathers,” a spokesperson for the poll said.
The "geribatric ward" resident enjoyed a daily routine of assisted flights, sponge baths and fruit salad.
The Indian flying fox is actually too old to fly, but his caretakers hold him while he flaps his wings so he can feel like he's still got it.
The new coin is the wholesome news people have been craving after a rough start to 2020.
“Where it came from? No idea,” said passenger Peter Scattini, who says he eventually got a full refund from the airline.
“With our ever rising hot summers... this episode will surely not be the last."
Enrico Bernard, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco What’s for dinner? For some Brazilian vampire bats, these days it’s human
LB: Being an actress means immersion into another state of mind, and/or a different cultural and social framework. And certainly