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Amazon says the new e-reader is coming soon.
It wasn't just you. Facebook really is making your iPhone die faster.
iPhones have gotten slimmer, faster, lighter and significantly more useful. They haven't, however, gotten a better battery.
The scientists not only hope to improve our smartphone batteries, but also revolutionize the electric car industry, which
If it seems like your battery is determined to die after 4 hours every day, there are some changes you can make to your software
I enter a stark, white, room. The noise of the door slamming shut causes me to glance instinctively down. Battery is at 16 percent. Panic sends my eyes darting around the bottoms of the walls, searching for that fix.
After those two, Samsung's Galaxy Note II achieved 16 hours of telephone time -- a full five hours behind Motorola's battery
The Jetsons originally aired in 1962, yet here we are nearly 50 years later and we still don't have the fold-up flying cars. We do, however, have other Jetsons-like home technologies.
Mobile phones are changing our lives. But are we using our phones to their full potential? How can we improve our mobile phones' battery life?
As people use more and more portable devices, the need for portable rechargers will grow exponentially. But with so many incompatible devices, how can a person deal with staying at full power? The options are many.