battle for aleppo

I don’t look back as we finally leave. I don’t look at the torn and dismantled shell of a city that I used to know. I don’t say goodbye. I don’t want to.
A water station was bombed, in a further blow to the city's already badly damaged system.
“The warplane flew over us and directly started dropping its missiles on this hospital," a doctor says.
Russia said on Thursday it would support a 48-hour ceasefire in Aleppo, a move the U.N. Syria envoy said would allow aid to reach besieged areas soon.
A hospital spokesman says medics had recorded four deaths from gas poisoning and 55 injuries.
A quarter of a million civilians still live in the city, effectively under siege since the army aided by Iranian backed militias cut off the last road into rebel districts in early July.
The city has seen some of the worst fighting in Syria's deadly war.
The fighting threatened the army's defensive lines around government-held areas of western Aleppo.
SPAG was formed only days earlier by a group of Syrian activists and journalists with the aim to serve as a mediator between
The regime's Russian-backed fight for Aleppo has put thousands more Syrians out of the reach of aid groups.