battle of the sexes

“I’ve always had an up-and-down career,” admits actress Elisabeth Shue.  “I don’t feel like it’s been just ‘sailing smoothly
“It’s about sexuality... But it is also about power — and taking back your power..."
Emma Stone and Steve Carell play Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs in this timely period dramedy.
They play tennis stars Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs.
While they share the same responsibilities in any given leadership role, researchers have found that in all the areas that really set leaders apart like how helpful, supportive and personally engaged they are, male and female leaders typically vary.
"But really it is not the size of the audience that matters. It's about whether or not you are connecting with them. In doing my cabaret show I have discovered that intimacy with an audience has nothing to do with the number of people or the size of the venue. It's all about you daring to be vulnerable and authentic and honest."
It's an epic battle that has been raging since before humans walked the earth: and with a business like ours, we hear all about it, all the time. Which sex truly reigns supreme?