Mattel has plenty of stellar executives. But as the company searches for its new leader from outside or within its walls, it needs to select the one who has entertainment, franchise development, and storytelling expertise in his or her DNA, and who can infuse the same at all levels and in all discussions.
Of all of your films, are you most proud of "Lone Survivor"? I'm very proud of it. It hasn't come out yet, but I feel like
Director Bryan Singer delivered an exciting and entertaining movie with good performances, despite the fact that no one was calling for Jack and the Beanstalk -- or really any fairy tale, for that matter -- to be made into a movie.
I can't presume that I've seen every terrible movie out there, but I tried to highlight films that were both very bad and whose respective failures meant something more than just their artistic inadequacy.
Here is a list of my favorite movies from 2012. I was considering writing a longer introduction -- perhaps framing 2012 as a banner year for cinema, which it was -- but I will just leave it at "here is a list of my favorite movies from 2012" because, no matter how good or bad a given year is, I always end up with 10 favorite movies. So here they are.
President Barack Obama had more than a few zingers at the final presidential debate Monday night against Republican nominee
To win in Battleship you have to take out all your opponent's ships. In chess, you can leave pieces on the Board but still checkmate the King. Romney to his chagrin did not take out all of Obama's ships. Obama, on the other hand, played his chess game.
1.) 4.) 3.) Nagata studied the grid, thinking, seemingly impervious to the prospect of impending doom. "FOXTROT 24," he said
Judging from the box office results, you probably saw "Marvel's The Avengers," "The Dark Knight Rises" and even "Magic Mike
She is only 24, but is right up there in the world of pop icon-hood, giving even the likes of Beyonce and Lady Gaga a run for their money.
Produced By, which is hosted by the Producers Guild of America, is an event where some of the biggest players in Hollywood
"The idea that somebody would come all this way to encounter humans just to eat them … it just doesn't seem very efficient
Peter Berg isn't afraid of infusing political commentary into his films.. Both "The Kingdom" and "Battleship" focus on the
As THR notes, the company had previously been bolstered by "Fast Five" and "Bridesmaids," which both saw strong numbers at
There is no pretense that Hollywood aliens might accurately reflect actual inhabitants of the galaxy. But is it all just free-form imagination? Can contemporary science say much about whether these cinematic sentients might be ciphers for the real thing?
Execs over at Universal and Hasbro are clearly wondering what went wrong with their supposedly surefire hit, so here's a handy breakdown to make things a little more clear.