AfD is facing backlash after promising "Islam-free schools."
The program's so successful, other communities hassled by neo-Nazis have emulated it.
The bus collided with a truck in the state of Bavaria.
The bus was carrying a group of tourists.
Top fermented, this beer is light and flowery with a hint of banana, clove and smoke. Unfiltered, amber colored, wheat beer
The sun is setting on the foothills of the Alps. Overseeing vast meadows with tiny lanes and lazy cows is the fairy-tale
Thirty-one refugees have been dispatched on the 7-hour trip.
The bodies are currently being examined by forensic experts.
Every hotel in and around Munich has been fully booked for months. The atmosphere is boisterous and joyful. Beer drinkers from all over the world are clinking their steins together. All these signs leave no doubt-- it's Oktoberfest!