You didn't miss a thing. Here's March Madness in a nutshell.
“It is infuriating that these three men are allowed to show their faces in polite society," said the "Full Frontal" host.
Baylor University’s Kalani Brown posted the spread on her Instagram Story, quipping that it was “the moment everyone’s been waiting for.”
It's the third time this year the president has welcomed star athletes to the White House with greasy grub.
Cavaliers head coach Tony Bennett said the national champions “would have to respectfully decline an invitation" to Donald Trump's official residence.
Former Baylor University student Jacob Walter Anderson was banned from his current college campus, but could still receive his degree.
Jacob Walter Anderson was given a plea deal in a sexual assault case that included a $400 fine and no jail time. His new college wants him to stay away.
Former Baylor University student Jacob Walter Anderson was indicted on four counts of sexual assault in 2016.
Jacob Walter Anderson also won't be required to register as a sex offender under the deal.
The school has been hit with sexual assault scandals in the past.